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    I just finished a rough draft of my personal statement and was hoping you guys could help.

    A little info about me before you read:

    I was born in this great country in Chicago, IL where I currently live. I attended college for two years and played on the football team while I was there. Unfortunately, I was unable to go back to school this fall due to financial reasons and it is uncertain exactly when I will return. I have always had a desire to go into the armed services and attending the Naval Academy would be the best of both worlds and truly a dream come true.

    Well... Without further ado, here it is:

    My father was the origin of my interest in the naval service. He never cared if I learned the strategies employed by John Boyd; rather he wanted me to genuinely understand what it meant to serve our country proudly. He succeeded, instilling in me all my life, the values he learned as a part of the Navy. After doing some research, the Naval Academy is the epitome of a perfect school for me. It has always been my dream to become an aerospace engineer and build military grade planes. The Naval Academy has the fourth best aerospace engineering program in the country and would provide a perfect in for me to work on those military planes and stay involved in the Navy. Not only that, I have always wanted to learn to fly. I took one flying lesson and was absolutely hooked and the prospect of being a pilot in the Navy excites me all the more. I understand that I could easily go to a university with an NROTC program, but it’s the type of education that I will earn at the Naval Academy, a moral, mental and physical one, that makes me wish to attend. Also, it’s the best chance I have at finally meeting Popeye.
    This past fall, I had to take time off from school due to financial reasons. It is uncertain when I will be able to go back to school because of my family’s ongoing struggle. I see this as an obstacle that I must overcome in order to live my life how I wish. Life is sitting in front of me right now, and I can choose to be stagnant and watch it pass me by, or I can choose to take life head on and live out all my dreams. I would rather choose the second option and this is why I currently have two jobs and am looking for a third. I have the want to attend school and am willing to do anything in order to do such. Even though I am still going through this struggle, I can see how this event will contribute to who I am as a person. It’s ultimately teaching me about what life is, overcoming obstacles and not letting them hold you back. Not only that, but is teaching me the importance of getting an education. Attending the Naval Academy will not be an easy task because of the demands in every aspect, but because I have learned how to overcome struggle, to persevere, I know I will be able to overcome.

    Again this is just my rough draft. Thanks for any and all help.
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