Personal Statement


Jul 18, 2016
Hey guys!

The prompt is basically
- Describe the steps you took to address a challenge and what you learned about your character from it.

So my idea for the essay is talking about how I had no cherishable childhood/memories. I'd hear my friends talk about family movie nights and all that, but growing up I rarely even got to see my parents. I was disappointed in my parents for that, HOWEVER, I was naive because the fact that I had no memories of my parents is why I love them so much today. I discovered that my father was, at the time, the only one with a job trying to support our family of 5, my mother went back to school so that she could become a nurse, and both of them were taking care of my dying grandmother.

Basically I've got a few questions/comments on this idea.
1) Is this really a challenge? I feel like this is a unique topic that could go well if executed nicely, but there isn't really that problem-solution discovery that challenges have.

2) There isn't any revelation to my character. I could talk about the new perspective I see my parents in and maybe talk about their dedication has influenced me? Maybe finish it off with what Bob Marley said, "Truth is everyone is going to hurt you, you just have to find the right ones to suffer for."

3) There is really no steps of addressing this "problem."

4) Should I just scrap this idea. But the only other ideas I have are pretty generic-- gymnastics injury but making state in spite/ almost getting kicked off the yearbook committee (teacher suggested it, but there is not much of a resolution because it was just a miscommunication thing)

BASICALLY GUYS, I need help just fixing this mess and making sure I can write an essay that addresses the prompt correctly. If anyone has any suggestions thanks!!!!!!
In my personal opinion, I would come up with a response that highlights a leadership trait of yours. It’s a leadership institution, and they are looking for essays that display qualities of leadership. That does describe a challenge, but, like you said, I don’t think it fits the prompt.

*however, this is a personal opinion and if you think it works, then by all means write it how you want*