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Discussion in 'Nominations' started by Will34, Oct 5, 2014.

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    I was informed this past week that I was selected for a nomination interview with one of my state senator's board. The day after I accepted this offer, I was emailed by USAFA admissions telling me that I was also chosen for a free official visit that just so happens to coincide with my nom. interview. I was able to speak with my senator's office, and they told me that I was granted a phone interview for this. I was wondering how this changes things? What are some tips from anyone who has done a phone interview before?
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    I think you need to recognize some priorities. An official visit will NOT get you an appointment. A nomination is crucially needed. A face to face interview is FAR MORE EFFECTIVE than a phone call to get that nomination. You are in competition with other candidates who may well be terrific in a face to face interview and all you are is a disembodied phone call when it comes time for the congressional staff to make up his list. Why would you possibly risk this? Especially when all you need to do is call the Academy and tell them of the conflict and request a different date? If another date is not available----no loss. A visit is just for you to see if you like the place.
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    Can you switch the visit weekend? That's what I would recommend. I agree with the above poster if that isn't an option.

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    Not to making it more confusing, but the visit can be also used for Will34 to make a good impression with the admissions office, and also to see if Will34 "like the place" or not. We need to be careful on giving advices to candidates. What's the point of working hard to get to a SA to find out you don't like it once you get there?

    All nominations are not equal. I have seen some candidates with multiple nomiation not getting an appointment because they were competitive enough to get nominations but not competitive enough to win the nomination category. I don't know how competitve Will34's state is but my guess is unless Will34 lives in a smal state, the competition will be a hundred or more. I don't like the odd. Will34's chance with the Congressman should be better.

    From my experience (serving on my Congressman's nomination panel for several years), candidates doing phone interviews don't usually hurt themsevles as the panel tend to focus more on the application and at times went easy with the candidate as we couldn't see the applicant.

    In Will34's case, it could become an advantage as Will34 can mention that he is at or traveling to USAFA sending a message to the panel that USAFA interested in Will34 and Will34 is serious enough to travel to USAFA.
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    My son had 3 interviews, 2 in person and one by phone. Here is my advice

    1) Talk to the MOC office and explain the situation. They will inform you if it is considered valid of not (you already did this). You can take them at their word or not, its up to you.

    2) Talk to your ALO regarding the conflict and get his/her advice. Your ALO will be most familiar with your MOC boards, and how this may be viewed by them.

    If you do decide to have a phone interview

    1) Get advice from your ALO on phone interviews. My son got some great advice and tips from his ALO.

    2) Be sure to locate a reliable and good location for cell phone reception beforehand. This is not always easy. Definitely try out calls from this location before the day of your call. You can also investigate if there is a land line you can have acess to. Our MOC board called my son, not the other way around, so a prearranged number was a must in his case.

    As for my son's experience, he did receive the nomination from the MOC board phone interview as well as another from an in person interview. He already had one in person interview under his belt, so he had a general idea of what could be asked. He thought some of the questions were more challenging on the phone interview than the in person interiews. But the situation might have influenced his perception. Or they could have been more challenging because he wasn't there for them to gauge his non-verbal reactions and cues. I can't tell you either way. Just don't expect one interview to be more or less difficult than another or more or less stressful. They are equally challenging.

    Good luck!

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