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    Regardless of which SMC you are going to this summer, there will be a common thread to all of them- that is: you will have an easier time if you show up with a reasonable degree of physical fitness. Personal experience as well as observation leads me to believe that while the rallying cry of "this place Sxxxs!" will be uttered by virtually everyone, it will be truly meant by those who are trying to deal with the heat of summertime Virginia or South Carolina et al without having done some prior physical prep.:eek:
    My suggestion: start running- (3-5 miles will be a good start) & starting knocking off push-ups and pull ups now in your spare time.
    The VMI PE department put together a 10 week program at the link attached- it's a start and probably valid for preparing for any of the other SMCs as well. For those going to VMI STP, PT will be part of your daily schedule- I'm not sure about programs at the other SMCs?

    Many of you have your own program and I assume the other SMCs will have some programs to prep as well- feel free to share for the benefit of those just now thinking about this. Bottom line-look now at what you are doing to get yourself in shape. If you are already doing a lot of running and upperbody- keep it up. If you aren't, it's not too late to start- you will be amazed at how rapidly you will improve if you just get started!
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