Physical Fitness Test


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Feb 1, 2009
I was also wondering about the PFA that I need to take in order to be qualified for my ROTC (both Army and Navy) scholarship. It says I have until December to take this test, but that my benefits will not start until it has been verified that I am physically qualified. My question is, if I wait until either December, or take it during my first week of college, would I have that first semester covered by ROTC or not. If not, when do I have to complete it in order to get the scholarship for that semester? Any answer is appreciated, I would like to delay it as long as possible just to make sure I am 100% ready for it and able to do my best. Thanks again.
As far as I know you will be given the test in the first week or two after you arrive. There is no reason you can't pass it then. It isn't that difficult.
It is February now - no healthy ROTC scholarship winner should need 6 months to pass it. Arrive on campus in good shape and you will score well.
For AROTC Your scholarship money will NOT be paid until you pass the APFT; if you fail to pass it then you will be stuck holding the bill for school.
You really don't want to experience the stress of not being able to pass it in the fall.
Alright, that sounds great - thanks for the reply. I just wanted to make sure I wasn't going to get there and realize I have to pay the first semester because I needed to take the test over the summer or something. Thanks again.
Whoa wait - I am confused.
Are you saying you haven't taken the fitness test for the scholarship yet? If that's the case I think you need to take it now - unless they have changed the process.

IF you haven't taken a fitness test as a part of the application - you should check on that.
No I took the presidential fitness test for the scholarship that went with the application. Im talking about the physical fitness assessment that involves pushups sit ups and the 2 mile run. I just wanted to be certain that I wasn't going to be stuck with the first semester bill because I wasn't "qualified" for the scholarship yet, which is what the PFA does.