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Discussion in 'Naval Academy - USNA' started by future_navy, May 11, 2015.

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    So I am at 10-12 pullups, 60ish pushups, 85 situps, and I run 3 miles everyday. Is my pull up count/other numbers too low for plebe summer, or will I be able to survive Plebe Summer with hard work?
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    Positive attitude will be the most important thing for all of Plebe Summer. Your numbers will only increase Plebe Summer. You will be fine. Just keep working hard. During one of the first days of PEP you will take an assessment type PT test to see where you are. Don't worry, so many Plebes are lost after the initial shock their scores are all over the map. Take a look at the PRT requirements and see where your scores are. The easiest thing is to max push ups and sit ups and that gives some leeway on the run... It's called max, max, relax!
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    You'll be fine. Pullups aren't part of the PRT at all and you'll rarely do them at USNA. The minimums for guys at USNA are 45 pushups, 65 situps and a 10:30 1.5 mile run. For girls, they are (I think) 20 pushups, 65 situps, and a 12:30 or 12:40 15 mile run. Just keep up with the cardio and pushup/situp circuits and you'll be golden.

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