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    Hey there,

    I hope no one minds me intruding here, but I am a soon to be applicant for the New Zealand Defence Force which will hopefully involve them sending me to ADFA the Australian Defence Academy.

    I was just wondering what the most efficient method is to increasing your physical standard scores. I have 6 months until I will be officially tested and I need to make the most of that time.

    At the moment I can only do a couple of push-ups so that is the arena that I am most worried about.

    Crunches/Sit-ups I am not as worried about but any efficient workouts for increasing my numbers for those would be good.

    Running is a interesting one for me also. I am a rower so I have good cardiovascular fitness but it is different to that of a runners fitness. The longest really ever run is about 4 miles but that wouldn't be at an amazingly fast pace. So any ideas on how to get my body used to running would be great.

    Hope someone can offer some help
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    You've got time to make serious progress on this. I found several links on this site to be useful. I am doing resistance training, weights and cardio 3 times a week in the gym (about an hour). Boxing class one day a week. I am running 5k every other day but will start to ramp that mile number up early summer.
    Good luck!
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    4 miles is a decent distance, but if you need to improve your run time the only way to do it is really by running.. As a former distance runner..IMO there is no substitute exercise. You probably already have strong legs from rowing so lifting to gain muscle in your legs might not prove to be beneficial like it would for someone who is out of shape. Instead of running 4 miles at a slow pace start with 2 miles at a faster pace, then when you are able to complete the course at the pace you want start adding distance. You will be surprised how quickly you can improve your times.

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