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    Hi, I'm a female sophomore in high school and am steering toward a career in the medical field. I have wanted to go to an academy/ be in the military for a couple of years now, so i my goal is to attend one of the academies. I'm not sure exactly which branch I want to be in. I want to be able to start a family, so I am thinking more towards the physician's assistant job rather than physician to cut out some school time. I was wondering a couple of things:
    Is there a specific school that service academy graduates go to become physician assistants?
    Does anyone know if the time commitment is too much to start a family while still in the 20's ish?
    Is there a particular academy that has the best program to prepare for medical school?
    Thank y'all!
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    For USAFA there are only medical, dental, and nursing school slots. There are no PA spots. Some are able to attend PA school after a couple years of being on duty after graduating.

    I wouldn't worry about family this early in the game. MANY things will change in the next 7-8 years. Focus on what YOU'D like to do in the military.
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    The Army uses PA extensively as well as produces them through the IPAP program at Univ of Nebraska. It is very competitive with most of the students coming through having extensive medic or other health care experience. If you are looking to do PA in order to cut down on two years of medical you will be in for a rude awakening.

    ROTC allows cadets to apply directly for PA school as well.

    I know the service academy allots a certain of slot for cadets/mids to go to med school but it is small. The vast majority of military doctors are either direct commissioned or come out of ROTC.
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