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Discussion in 'Academy/Military News' started by 1191, Jun 7, 2009.

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    Does anyone have any advice on how I should pick an Army Reserve Unit?
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    It really comes down to a couple of things -- how (a) close you are to (b) one that does what you want to do. "Close" because you have to make the drills. While some air guard pilots may be in a unit several hundred miles away, they are usually commercial airline pilots who can ride a jump-seat to their meetings.

    For Army it's different, and if you are just enlisting, then you need to think about how far a drive it is to a unit that is a Branch of whatever specialty you want to be in. Otherwise, you almost have to do what your closest Reserve unit does -- if it's Infantry, or Engineers, or MP or Medical Service Corps, then that's what YOU will train in, and what you'll do. In some states, smaller Reserve units are parts of larger Reserve units in the same state. So, your local reserve unit may be an Artillery company that is part of a larger Artillery battalion that may have units across the state, or even several states. Or maybe your local unit is an Engineer unit attached to a larger Infantry battalion. Make sense?

    Realize, too, if you're doing this to try to increase your chances for West Point, I'm not sure you'll necessarily be better off. You may increase your chances for USMAPS but you will also increase your chances for a deployment -- and while you can be in the Army Reserve and still go to college, if the unit deploys, you WILL deploy with it. If you're thinking ROTC, then there is a Simultaneous Member Program, but again, all bets are off if your unit is deployed.

    I suggest you get some solid counsel before you commit. Check with your Academy liaison officers on your thoughts too -- Best of luck.
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    Good Advice on all fronts. My wife drives 200 miles each way from Boston to NYC 3 days every month for her drills- and when we lived in Texas it was a 275 mile drive to San Antonio once a month. Mor important though is Raptor Dad's comments about enlisting to increase your chancs of getting into USMA. This is not a great bet and the flip side is you may very well wind up in Iraq or Afghanistan - (as some 90 Cadets at VMI have learned in the last few years- it's kind of strange to see a bunch of Cadets walking around with CIBs, CABs or CARs on their class uniforms- and of course those guys are several years behind their classmates in graduating). Those offers of free tuition from the ARNG or tuition assistance from the USAR come with a price and once you get out of basic and are 18 years old you are deployable
    if your unit is deployed. So- you should talk with someone IN ADDITION to the recruiter about the Pros and Cons of this plan.
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    A couple of things -
    Joining the Army Reserves will increase your chances for an appointment to USMA or USMAPS. They NEVER fill the allotted slots for soldiers from either active duty or reserves. West Point actively recruits good soldiers.

    In some cases college students who are in the Army Reserves are NOT required to deploy. It's called the Army Reserve Education Career Stabilization Program.

    To take part in the SMP you need to be a Contracted ROTC cadet and at least completed your freshman year of college. Since you will also be enrolled in ROTC you will NOT be deployable.

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