Picture for Nom Applications

Mar 15, 2017
This may be an odd question, but my instincts tell me it's not: a couple of DD's nomination applications require a photo of her to be included with the application. Suggestions for that pic? Hair up/down? Camera shot at home? Background? Dress options? I would assume a formal uniformed JROTC pic would not be a good choice. Too presumptive in "feel". But - other input/suggestions?
Does she have a school photo that would work?
Yes possibly - it is her junior year photo, so a year old. Senior pics coming up in a few weeks (after application deadlines). And I do actually wonder about hair up (bun or similar) vs. down, as in her junior year pic. Overthinking too much, perhaps? Just thinking that everything (pic, application, resume, recommendations, etc.) all make an initial impression of some kind.
I’m also having the same problem.

I’m thinking of using my picture on the school leadership bulletin. It’s a 2x2 picture taken in school. It has a white background and I was also wearing casual clothes (I was also smiling)

Advice would really be appreciated!
Took my DS to local CVS and got a passport pic taken, wearing similar clothes he would wear for the interview
My DS wore a blue sport coat with a white shirt and tie for his picture. We had a friend who is an avid photographer take the photo. I printed it off myself and he used that for all the applications. All his other male classmates dressed in suits or sport coats and the girls in dresses or nice pant suits. They also wore the same clothes to the actual interviews.
We just used DD 11th grade class picture. Nothing very fancy but looks pretty good. I do not think you need glamor shots or anything fancy. Just do not use a silly picture from your phone.
Most MOC's want a photo for each file, so it will jog their memory when the panel discusses the candidates as a group after all the interviews are done.

My DS used his Varsity Soccer photo. I know many others used a simple school photo. Don't be "that" kid and use something too formal or candid.