Pilot Slot qualifications out of USAFA


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Jan 6, 2018
Hey all,
I’m just wondering if there are any Academy grads out there that can clarify what the requirements for a pilot slot were while you were at the academy! I know it leans heavily on the PCSM score and Order of Merit (or OPA) but I’m not sure what else goes into it! If anyone could help with it that’d be great! Thanks have a great day!
From what i read, if you medically qualify and you want it, you will get it. There are 1000 students and 500 spaces. Not everyone wants one and not everyone qualifes.
My data is a few years old, but “eligibility” was medically qualified and do you meet the minimum PCSM. If yes to both, then they went down the list of class rank with who wanted it. I know there was a desire to use PCSM more and incorporate the Powered Flight Program, but I have no idea if anything ever became of that.
Son graduated in 2018 and I believe all who wanted a slot and were medically qualified received one. One of his friends was ranked in the high 900s out of 1000+\- and is now a C130 pilot.