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    DS will be commissioning (AFROTC) in spring 2018 and will be completing his Form 53 in the next few weeks. Plan "A" was to be a Pilot, but despite achieving all that was necessary to get a rated slot, he was DQ'd on Day 2 of the F1 medical exam back in April due to an unwaiverable eye issue. Despite being cleared medically for RPA (and encouraged to pursue an RPA position), DS is considering a Plan "B" that does not involve RPA (nor any other rated position). With only a few days left between returning home from LEAD as a CTA and classes that start next Monday, I'm hoping to pass along some/any advice from those with experience completing the Form 53.
    First, despite being told by the docs at W-P that he was DQ'd for Pilot, should he still list a Pilot AFSC as his #1 choice? (I don't know that he's ever been given something "official" as far as the medical DQ for Pilot). Second, is there any particular strategy for assigning "Weighted Values" to your choices? Finally, if DS earned a rated slot prior to the medical exam but subsequently DQ'd for Pilot but still medically acceptable for RPA, will he be given an RPA position regardless of what he lists on the Form 53? Any other advice would be appreciated.
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    Form 53 should not include any rated AFSC's regardless or rated or non-rated selection.

    There is no prescribed strategy for assigning weighted values. If one job is desired most, it is assigned the most weight and all others the least weight. If there is no preference, assign equal weights.

    DQ from pilot will not automatically lead to RPA selection.
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    Only key is don't leave any spots blank. That leaves "Needs of the Air Force", however, I know Lts who were slated into an AFSC they didn't even mention on the list. It would also behoove your son to make sure he's eligible for all the AFSCs he lists. However if he gets picked up for a rated spot, that takes precidence and denying a rated position would ruin his eligibility for anything rated later down the line.