PLC and tuition money


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May 29, 2007
Does anyone know how the PLC program works as far as money for college or just money for "whatever", I'm just assuming an allowance would be used for college expenses. I am very aware of all the benefits of NROTC, but I am currently considering Ivy league schools that do not have NROTC units. Thank you in advance for any help you can provide.
I don't know a LOT about PLC and for some reason the MC tells you that they have it and then all details are hard to come by...
I do not know when you can begin applying but that you have summer obligations determined by when you join just like NROTC. There is an option for scholarship money (it's not much only like 1500 starting off). I do not remember anything about stipend or spending money. I'm pretty sure you do get paid for your time at TBS over the summer. I know you can get money to cover flight training in college. You do not have to wear a uniform during the school year. And if I'm not mistaken unless you take the aviation offer or the scholarship money you can back out at any time without any cost or service.

I do not know how you apply. The concern that I have with it is the preperation for TBS. Although both graduates I know did VERY well there I am concerned about a lack of MC knowledge and physical preperation although obviously a large number of Marines do it. In terms of an Ivy Legue, it would at any rate make you stand out less as you would not be "advertising" so much you future plans.
There is tuition assistance - of about $15,000 over three years. You then have an obligation of four years if you accept the assistance.
with your committment you can also pick either ground or air and it would be guaranteed since when you decide Air they qualify you for flight school then.
You also get paid for your summer training and a tax free stipend.
After your first summer training you get a monthly allowance.

The most popular route to being a Marine officer is through PLC.
go here:

It isn't a whole lot of money if you are looking at a $40,000/year school - but it's something.
You would want to talk to a Marine OFFICER recruiter. You local Marine recruiter can put you in touch with one.