please help! College app!


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Jun 25, 2008
Hey guys, this is my second time around at usna and I had some questions on the online usna application. Ok so, it asks for the activities records to be validated by your junior or senior counselor, does that mean I have to ask my former senior counselor to validate it or how does this work now that I'm on college? Is it the same process for the candidate fitness assessment and the Candidate Academic Information validation? I'm a bit confused about this.. Do I just refer to my former hs faculty for this as in the previous year?

I know I need to mail in my college transcript, but that wont be until late December, and I already have my Hs transcript mailed in..

Anyone have an idea what to do?
Hi krystalp89! In this case, you should ask your HS counselor to send in everything that is necessary. When your Fall Semester transcripts become available, be sure to send it in as soon as possible. Nominations work the same as well, just let them know that even though you didn't get an appointment the first time, but you're at it again taking challenging college classes a plebe would take and you're working hard at them (which I presume you will do).

I was in the same boat as you, PM me if you have anything else.