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    Our daughter took Naval Science with Cadet Tate and thought the world of him. He died as as result of injuries sustained in a traffic collision while riding his motorcycle in the vicinity of College Station, Texas. He was not wearing his helmet.


    It is with extreme sadness that I confirm the death of cadet Caleb Tate ’15, a member of the Corps of Cadets, as a result of a traffic accident Monday evening in College Station. Caleb was a junior University Studies major in the College of Liberal Arts from Sequin and served as the Training Sergeant for Company P-2. He was pursuing a Navy contract. All who knew Caleb remember him as a sociable, confident young man who had a resilient work ethic and a good sense of humor. He was a very well-liked young man, and his loss will affect all of us for a long time to come.

    I want to offer my condolences to Caleb Tate’s family, friends and fellow cadets on his loss. We all stand together as Aggies today as we mourn the loss of one of our own. Caleb Tate will be missed by all of us.

    As an Aggie, I hope the Tate family will take solace in knowing that Caleb will never be forgotten, and that the unique Aggie spirit of camaraderie that is such an integral part of Texas A&M and the Corps of Cadets will hold fast for them in this very difficult time. Caleb was a member of the Aggie family, and his spirit will live on in all Aggies who follow him – especially those who are members of the Corps of Cadets.

    I have been very proud of Caleb's fellow cadets from Company P-2 and all the other cadets from across the Corps who were closest to Caleb. Although heartbroken, they have handled themselves with a maturity that I know the Corps helps to instill in its members. The Tate family has taken great comfort in the time they have spent with Caleb's closest friends in the Corps, and their love and respect for the Corps and its cadets has only grown during this most difficult of times. The love and support of nearly 100 of Caleb's extended family and friends, including his fellow cadets - gathered at the hospital were a testament to this young man and what he had accomplished in his short life. Caleb was known as a kindhearted and caring individual who brightened the lives of everyone he encountered.

    Many of you have asked about services for Caleb and how you can help his family and friends. As we get information on his funeral service and any other items that the family wishes to be shared, we will post that information on our social media outlets and website. We thank all of you for your concern, your prayers, and your support of the Tate family and the Corps of Cadets through this difficult time.

    Rest in Peace, Caleb. You are gone, but never forgotten. “Softly Call the Muster, Let Comrade Answer, HERE…”

    “We are the Aggies, the Aggies are we. True to each other, as Aggies can be.”

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