Plebe 1st Call and has injury

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    Our DS called and sounded great. Loves it and embracing the process. He did tell us he was placed in a boot on Friday and will have it at least a week. Sounds like it was x-rayed but didn't say it was necessarily a stress fracture. Something happened to his ankle after running one day. He was limping in formation so detailers made him go to the infirmary. He's in excellent shape (varsity swimmer) but now he is super frustrated because the safety officer won't let him do anything for a week. My hope is this thing heals quickly so he's back full board and this doesn't come back to haunt him. In the meantime pull-ups and sit-ups galore.
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    This should be reassuring to the other parents out there -- the Detailers are looking out for your kids ! Pretty typical of young kids, they aren't going to pull themselves out of an activity just cause it hurts a little, so the Detailers look for these things.