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May 15, 2007
Is it true that if a plebe class places a cover on the chapel dome they will get to carry-on for the remainder of the year? Does a plebe have to scale the dome or are other means qualified to make it count?

any history of the rumor re; Phil McGiffin

Does anyone have any backgorund to this story or rumor. I had seen an excerpt of something of an Mid who accomplished it in an old article or something and someone had brought it up at the Legion hall the other night. philo mcgiffin. (typo)
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Philo McGiffin, a legendary midshipmen has been credited with a lot of legends, most untrue. Among them, standing on 3-2 of Bancroft Hall and shaking flour on the watch formation and rolling cannon balls down the steps of Memorial Hall into the Rotunda. Only one problem, Bancroft Hall did not exist when he was a midshipman. He died in the late 1800s. The Chapel was completed in the early 1900s. Therefore, I doubt if he had anything to do with placing a cover on the Chapel dome.

Uniform for watch was usually Service Dress Blue with or without sword belts. The announcement often got abbreviated to, assuming the SDB, "Uniform for watch standards is sword belts". The legend is that he showed up for watch formation wearing nothing but a sword belt.

Incidentially, he did accept a commission in the Chinese Navy and is considered the father of it.
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Cover on Chapel Dome

"If a plebe cover is placed on the chapel dome then the 4th class midshipmen will receive carry on for an unspecified length of time."

You have to do this with the Commandant's permission AND without climbing the dome or damaging it.

This year, a cover was placed on the chapel using a weather balloon and we got a week of carry on.
Check out the video on YouTube.

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