Plebe privileges


Mar 18, 2017
Do Plebes go straight back to Annapolis on buses after Army/Navy game, or can they stay with parents to be transported back to school the following day?
In past years there have been go-right-back buses, and later buses, to allow them and their friends a bit of Philly town liberty. I am sure a recent or current mid will comment.

One thing to always keep in mind...just because things were one way last year or in recent years, may not mean it will be the same this year. There is a pendulum rhythm to how things are done. Patterns can and do change. And change back...

Even restrictees have their own bus. Let's hope your plebe isn't on THAT one! [emoji16]
And in some years, they had overnight liberty. Can't say how it will work this year.
It depends. Some may have earned weekends for other items they can use for Army Navy. Others might have duty and need to head back regardless. Traditionally when Navy wins the Supt has given an overnight. If they are on weekend or an overnight is granted for a win, Plebes can stay in Philly but have to get back to USNA on their own. So either have a train ticket ready or a car ready to go that way.
Remember -- Semper Gumby, always flexible. Often difficult to plan to far in advance, as things change. They won't know whether they have to be back for duty until a few weeks before.