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Jan 16, 2017
Hi, I was curious if any recent graduates or current Mids could point out some things that might be good to bring or have sent over Plebe summer. Obviously running shoes are important to bring but for example, I’ve also had some friends buy their own compression shorts instead of using the issued ones. Are things like that worthwhile and does anyone have other recommendations for other items that would be worthwhile to buy in advance and be sent. Thank you!
Lots of older threads on that topic as it comes up every year around this time.
There ARE lots of older threads on this topic but I find that there is quite a bit of contradiction. I read "send lots of Tide-2-go" and "they issue it - don't send it". Do we send gatorade packets or do they have more than they can use? I read we should send our first care package in a plastic shoebox and then another post said such boxes were issued to them. I think some of the inconsistency comes from older parent club postings. I would appreciate a recent "Plebe no More" or parent of one letting those of us about to embark on this adventure know what items their Plebe found most useful to receive over Plebe summer. Thanks!
They did get a plastic container to store things in like food. They pretty much got everything issued to them like tide to go stick and shout wipes. The stick is better for the white works while shout wipes is better for their summer whites.
They will need more shout wipes but not till ac year when they will be wearing their summer whites more often. My mid asked for clif bars and pictures from home. Also, I second the Body Glide and mole skins for blisters.
DS had plebe summer last year. I sent a lot of protein bars ( usually Clif bars). We avoided a brand that advertised they had hemp seeds in the bars. Read the labels carefully. He didn't like the powdered sports drink flavors " too messy and take too much time to add to the water, Mom"; instead he wanted and I sent the small bottles of water liquid flavorings instead., available in the "sports drink " section of "nationally known discount supercenter store" or online from the same store. I also sent an extra bottle of body wash every two weeks- I figured he could use it with the humidity, the sweating, and all the physical workouts and if he couldn't use it someone else probably would want it. I also sent a pack of gel inserts for his shoes- he complained about those at first but later admitted he had been glad to have them. Be sure to break in 2 pairs of running shoes before you leave. Take one pair to I-day; your parents can mail the second pair to you after 3 weeks or bring the second pair at PPW- the pair you take to I-day will be trashed by then.

Cards, comics, short letters are always welcome. I copied inspirational and humorous quotes from a "famous quotes" book at the library onto colorful index cards, and mailed one or two a week. I did send stuff in a plastic box because that is what a social media parent site recommended; we found out later plebes were issued a plastic box. Oh, I sent a couple of mousetraps because Bancroft does have mice, but my opinion is the mice are mainly outdoors until September -October and then they move in to spend the winter. One of the moms of a female plebe recommended that females bring a hairbrush with them- faster than trying to tug a comb through hair.

Compression shorts were asked for a lot, have your plebe pick them out before he leaves and then you can send them . We mailed the first package the day before he left so that he would receive it about a week later. We live in the southwest U.S., it takes 6-8 days for a package to reach USNA using USPS if it is not priority mail.
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We have a Youngster and sent compression shorts, tape for shin splints and put $$$ in her yard card as she was able to use it at CVS, Midstore and order out. Homemade cookies in tins were also popular
They are actually given more than this. This is one of the boxes that will be in their rooms when they arrive besides the Santa Claus bag they carry around I Day.
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"Do we send gatorade packets or do they have more than they can use? "

My DS just finished plebe year. This reminded me of a funny story he told us. There was always lots of Gatorade provided during plebe summer. So much that they would grab an extra and take it back to their room. Then it became a running gag. He and his room mates had mountain of Gatorade in their closet. Then towards the end, they returned it all after some activity. They some how did this unobserved. The detailers were trying to figure out where it all came from. Somehow this greatly amused his company mates