Plebe Summer Photos


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Jun 12, 2008
Larry Thorton, owner of Thorton Studios has dedicated a significant amount of time documenting Plebe Summer over the years. He and his staff do a great job at his website.

I stumbled across the website through a web search trying to find Lucky Bag photos.
2nd Opinion

Thorton Studios is dedicated to the all-mighty $$$$(seriously expensive) is a better description of their "services"........USNA should follow USMA's lead and have professional photographers on staff..........and......for the green that TS charges for exclusive plebe photos and videos you'd think they could at least modernize their obsolete website.
Not a big fan :thumbdown:,
Yes Thorton's is expensive but they give a substantial amount "back" to the Brigade of Midshipmen. Sorry but I do not believe it is the job of the Public Affairs Office to take photos of Plebe Summer for parents. You may not like their website but I bet you were looking at it every day just to catch a glimpse of waldo...

Most everyone that I know purchased on or two things to pay for the "ability" to have some sort of peace of mind over Plebe Summer. The photo I did buy is really priceless!
Its still very, very , expensive

I agree that USNA PAO has other more pressing responsibilities but Thornton's is egregiously expensive - several times more costly than other commercial services in the Annapolis area (e.g, I've purchased pictures from both the Capital Gazette and Thornton's...)

I think the contract should be competed, allowing market forces to determine a fairer price for otherwise captive audiences...
2nd opinion ,revisited

:thumb:I agree w/JC1605 about the need for competitive bidding with future exclusive photo contracts of our Mids at USNA during Plebe Summer. I spent over $600 for some(not many) great pics of my Plebe and a 25 min video of Plebe Summer . I'd be very interested in exactly how much " substantial" money Thortons "gave back" to the Brigade . I'd be thrilled to learn it was 5-10% of all sales receipts...but I've read(??) that it may have been as little as $1000 :thumbdown:.

Thanks and GO NAVY beat Wake Forest (AGAIN),
The money pail......

When you have kids, you might as well put a pail of money in front of your house and tell anyone that provides goods and services to your kids (for example private sports schools, camps, meet coordinators, etc) to take whatever they want and beg them to leave a little behind for us. My daughter is a gymnast so I am use to having my wallet sucked dry by these sort of people. It’s amazing how they can look you straight in the eye, tell you the price, and expect you to be thankful and smile like them.

If you want to dance, you gotta pay the band !!!. If you want to see your plebe, you gotta pay TS!!! Think of it as a tourist trap for plebe parents.

Next year my son will probably be a plebe (almost there). Yes, we will pay much $$$. TS will be invited to my money grabbing party – and they will be there with a smile, and we will smile too. You can’t escape it. Remember, there is no money in heaven, so we can’t take it with us. But on the other hand, there are no banks in heaven either, waiting for us to send them our monthly checks.

Despite the $$$ issue, it does seem like they have some pretty good stuff to offer.