Plebe Summer Testing


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Nov 13, 2008
I would greatly appreciate if somebody answers any one of the following questions:

1. Which subjects will I be tested on?
2. Which topics does each test cover?
3. What is the general format?
4. How much time is allowed?
5. What score must I get in order to pass/fail/validate an exam?
6. What is the criterion?
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The ones everyone gets tested on are calc, chem and english. If you do well enough on those you will be invited to test on calc 2, chem 2, and physics.

As for topics its pretty just intro topics.

General format depends on the test. As does time allowed.

To validate an exam, the score isnt known, probably to make sure people dont try to calculate how much effort they have to put into a test to do well on it.

But dont worry about the tests, if you take the AP classes and do well on them you will validate regardless.