Plebe Summer


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Feb 25, 2008
I know you guys probably get a lot of questions about this topic, but I have a couple.
How long is it? I've heard 7 weeks, but I'm not sure.

Can I have some examples on what you did and what they put you through.
What was the hardest thing you did?

For plebe year in general, how often do they wake you up at 3 A.M. like they did in the movies to so random stuff?

Random Q? I wear glasses/contacts, do I have to wear those weird looking glasses?

Unless it has changed, it's six weeks.

The ONLY thing you should take away from ANY recent movie about USNA is that Plebe Summer does, in fact, take place in a place called "Annapolis". Beyond that, don't believe ANYTHING you see in Hollywood.

During Plebe Summer, you are apparently not permitted to wear contacts. Whether you have to wear the BCG's (Birth Control Glasses) as opposed to your current pair is something best answered by a current Mid or BGO. Back in my day, I wore my contacts and wore BCG's, but the regs are quite clear on that subject now.
They never wake you up at 0300. Sleep is sacred during the summer. You are in bed by 2230 and they don't wake you till 0530. It was said during my Plebe Summer (and I later found out that it was quite true) that this is the most sleep you'll ever get at the Academy.

You will have to wear BCGs. If your detailers are nice enough, they might let you wear your civi glasses for the few trips during the summer (Holocaust Museum/DC monument tour, Orioles baseball game). You'll get them back by Plebe Parents weekend. They may look dumb, but they are some tough glasses and you'll be glad you have em. You never have to worry about breaking them.

Absolutely no contacts during the summer. You don't have enough time to take care of them, and you will get sick over the summer ("Plebe Hack"). 1,000 people from all parts of the nation converging on one spot is a great way to get sick. Sticking your finger in the eye is a good way to catch something nasty like pink-eye or worse.
Sleep is definitely sacred during the summer, and that carries over to the school year as well. The only time I was ever woken up at 0330 was the morning of Sea Trials (at the end of plebe year), and we knew about that in advance. Wake up time during the summer is 0530, during the year 0600-0630.

The hardest thing during plebe summer; well, it depends on who you ask. I remember the squad run carrying a zodiac raft being pretty painful.

Things you do during the summer: Your typical day is up at 0530, Pep (organized physical training) for about an hour, time to shower, than breakfast. For the majority of the day you'll have briefs on character/honor, or sailing lessons, or training on the Yard Patrol craft, etc... It varies a lot. You'll get a chance to qualify on the M-9 Beretta pistol, and the M-16 rifle, run the obstacle course and the endurance course, and take swimming lessons. You'll also have lots of downtime, referred to as company commander time. This essentially serves as time for the cadre to "improve" your company, via more physical training, or races to change uniforms or make your beds. It's really only limited by how creative your cadre are. Your days will always end with "Blue and Gold," which is a time when your cadre review the day's events and congratulate or yell at you all, depending on your performance that day. Then you sing the alma mater, and it's off to bed by 2230, only to get up and repeat the next day.
On the academy website it said that you could wake up at 0530 to do some PT. How common is that? Do people do it or is it just ignored? Or just the marines and NSW hopefulls?
about the length of plebe summer....

they have officially backed the date for I-day up five days from it's original date but haven't moved PPW meaning a five week plebe summer.

I'm sure that our cadre will take notice of this and adjust accordingly :eek:

So for c/o 2012 plebe summer is five weeks. thanks adm fowler.
On the academy website it said that you could wake up at 0530 to do some PT. How common is that? Do people do it or is it just ignored? Or just the marines and NSW hopefulls?

Sure you can if you want. I do it with a couple of buddies every morning. It just works better for me to workout in the morning rather than in the afternoon. All of the gyms are open from 0530 on, so why not use them in the morning when they're empty?

The Marines and NSW/EOD guys have optional PT sessions once a week. All the first class who've selected SEALs or EOD go, but they're open to anyone.

No one will force you to get up earlier than six though, so if that extra 1/2 hr of sleep is that important to you, have at it :biggrin:
Hey Navy_clarinet where did you find that out?

Not sure where Clarinet found it out, but it's on our yearly calendar here. I-day is normally June 28th, this summer it will be July 2nd.
Heard it straight from ADM Fowler's mouth a few months ago. He came to Newport and briefed the battalion.