Plebe Swimming


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Oct 20, 2006
How do they award the PE grade when plebes have swimming during a semester? How much of the PE grade for the semester is for swimming and how much of the PE grade is for the PRT? Thanks.
how do you validate swim class

If you are a very good swimmer, can you validate and what are the times and skills required?
marine, the PRT counts for 1/3 of your final PE grade. The other 2/3 is based on your PE class grade. If you have a semester when you have two PE classes (boxing/wrestling), each class counts as 1/3.

xchefmike, validations are possible for every swim class and highly encouraged. Your very first swim class will be the validation test. Unfortunetly, I don't remember the validation times (I sucked at swimming so I didn't concern myself with those). However, I can tell you the distances:
4/C - 200m swim
3/C - 400m swim and 10m jump
2/C - "The 40 year" - Validate by swimming 1400m under 40 min

The min validation times will earn you a 80% B in that class.
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Thanks for the distances, about the times?

any chance you could ask anyone in the next week or so? Would love to know.
Curious... My youngster validated 4/c swimming with a 100m and 3/c swimming with the 200m and 10m jump.
200m - 3:30
400m - 8:24

NativeTexan, I don't know. Those are the times and distances that I remember and I looked up from the PE dept.