Plebian Stats for USNA '10 are in ...

Whistle Pig

Jun 9, 2006
I posted this on the CC Board, and it needs to be here too.:rolleyes:

Here they are per "The Sun in Anne Arundel" 30 June 2006:wink: :
1,218 Plebes
273 women (up from 80 in '80, 136 in '90 ... and an Academy record)
285 minority group members (67 A-A,131 Hisp,43 Asian-Amer,25 Amer Indians,10 Hawaiian (??) or Pacific Islanders, 9 A-A/Hisp.)
12 International plebes (while none @ USNA, 1st time admittees from Iraq to USMA and USAFA, which also admitted 1 Afghani)
88 Alumni "brats" ;-)
89 kids of former enlisted Navy or Marines
397 (33%)from other colleges or prep programs (237 from NAPS, 18 Nuke Power School, 61 other Foundation-affiliated preps, 81 from colleges or other prepping places)
80% - top fifth of class
66%+ - between 600 & 700 Verbal SAT
85% - betwixt 600 & 700 Math SATs
90% - Varsity athletes
90% - drama, debate, public speaking
60% - NHS
35% - Prexy or veep of HS club
24% - school pubs (writing/publishing, not "pubbing") :-0
14% - ROTC program
10% - class or stuco prez or veep, iggle scout, or music leader

Lots of nice pix of the Plebes.

Go NAVY! Beat army!!:thumb:
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Whistle Pig,
Is the last catagory collective or individual. In the past each of those items in the last category have run 10% +/- so I assume you were summarizing (actually 10% is low for Eagle Scout). Also, Boy's and Girl's State is a traditional category which, it appears, is missing but I am having trouble deciphering some of your acronyms, so maybe not. Also, are you sure about the 89 sons or daughters of enlisted Navy and Marines. I've never seen that category before. Eighty-nine sons or daughters of ex-servicemen wouldn't work since there are 88 from USNA grads alone. Maybe 89 midshipmen who are former enlisted? That's one of the usual categories and it's not listed. Also, for all you prospective 2011ers, SAT averages appear to be up quite a bit.
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Lemme try to interpret the newspaper - reported article (as I read them. They may not have been reported precisely by the originator OR the interpretor.:confused: )

The last category read like it was collective. I'm guessing what the reporter meant tho was 10% pres, 10% eagle, 10% music leader, in light of past stats. Don't you think?

Nothing reported on the Boys/Girls State programs. Prbly reflects ignorance of reporter and memory of the info provider.

And I understand the 88 to be children of USNA alums (officers) and the 89 to be children of enlisted, non-commissioned personnel. There may be some slight overlap, but I suspect virtually none. Nor had I seen either of these stats before.

This is a classic illustration of not one, but 2 reporters, including yours truly, failing to "say what you mean, mean what you say." :thumbdown:

But for a groundhog, I think I'm doing pretty well. :thumb:
This is great gouge for prospective candidates to see how they stack up. USNA will eventually put this out on the Admissions website. I agree with you on the 10% catch-all at the end. My guess would be the reporter "mis-heard" and that the 89 are midshipmen who were ex-enlisted. It is a part of the profile and that number is about right, abeit a little on the low side. Again, foot stomp, stomp, etc., if the reporter reported correctly, SATs are up significantly this year.
they had a short, but nice article in navy times about the enlisted-to-USNA guys. it was nice to see that there are some iraq vets in the class. it will add a nice dimension to the class i think