Plot foiled to kill Fort Dix soldiers

The suspects were described as “Islamic radicals,” said U.S. Attorney’s Office spokesman Greg Reinert.

I'm shocked. SHOCKED, I say! :rolleyes:
FBI: Fort Dix Target of Terror Plot

Federal Authorities Arrest Six Men in N.J. for Allegedly Planning to Storm Base

Federal authorities have arrested six New Jersey men for allegedly plotting a terrorist attack against the Fort Dix military base, senior FBI officials have confirmed.

The plot, reported this morning by New York's WNBC television and confirmed to the Washington Post by FBI officials, involved storming the base with automatic weapons and attempting to kill as many soldiers and other personnel as possible....

Another plot by the Islamo Fascists.
It will be interesting to see how this cell was detected and taken down...

ETA: Looks like we may have caught them only because they were stupid. Looks like they made a video of themselves practicing marksmenship in the Poconos (in PA) and shouting all kinds of the usual anti-American drivel. They took it to some store or other to have it burned to DVD, and the guy at the store who saw it called the FBI.

Lucky break, to be sure!
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How many more times does the FBI and other agencies have to break up these groups before the American people understand that we are at war? Dix and McGuire AFB are 20 minutes from my home. I have a lot of friends that are at work every day on those bases ramping up the troops and then loading them on C-17's. We see the pictures of Reservists and their families every day sending their loved ones into harms way. If the bandits are planning attacks here, I guess that means we are NOT losing over there.
Stop making sense, Squid. You'll be called a mouthpiece, warmonger, or any number of other choice adjectives.

If the story about the store owner pans out, he deserves an award.
He's in protective custody, right now. Darn straight, he deserves an award!!
Private Citizens, Local Police/Sherriff, FBI, U.S. DoJ, U.S. DHS, U.S. Army.... Fighting terrorism in a town near you.
Document: Dix suspects considered Dover attack

Islamic militants arrested Monday had considered an attack on Dover Air Force Base in Delaware, according to a court document.

An affidavit filed with the federal district court for New Jersey said that on or about the night of Aug. 13, 2006, one of the alleged plot leaders, Mohamad Shnewer, asked a government confidential informant to drive with him from New Jersey to Delaware where they would check out Dover Air Force Base....


Airmen march in formation away from the base flagstaff at Dover Air Force Base last year.
After Fort Dix: How safe are our bases?

Basic security at the nation’s military installations has been at the next-to-lowest level for more than four years, though commanders at some bases say they have introduced extra measures to deter potential intruders or provide early warnings.

Concern about potential attacks was underscored by the arrest Tuesday of six men accused by the FBI of plotting to attack Fort Dix, N.J., and kill scores of U.S. soldiers. Prosecutors said the men also spoke of attacking a Navy installation in Philadelphia and conducted surveillance at other military installations in the region....
Feds: Dix suspects were close to taking action

Federal authorities said Wednesday that a group of Muslim men suspected of plotting to massacre soldiers at Fort Dix were on the verge of carrying out their plan when they were arrested this week.

“I think they were in the last stage of planning,” U.S. Attorney Christopher Christie said. “They had training, they had maps, and I think they were very close to moving on this.
The Terrorists Next Door?

Plot Suspects Lived Quietly in Suburb

From the front porch of her two-story home on Mimosa Drive, Susan DeFrancesco looked out on the neighborhood she calls "a little United Nations." Pointing from one house to the next, she said: "They're Asian; that family's from Poland. They're from Canada. She's from India. "

Living among those varied families for the past seven years were the Dukas, a three-generational clan of ethnic Albanians. Their Muslim religious garb, repeated minor run-ins with the law, and a brood of up to 20 children, grandchildren and other relatives made them unusual, but hardly unwelcome....
No routine game to servicemen or suspects (Newark Star-Ledger)

A majority of the 69,943 fans who crowded into Philadelphia's Lincoln Financial Field last December to watch the Army-Navy football game were United States servicemen and women.

Yesterday, it became known the men accused of planning to attack Fort Dix viewed that winter day as "a missed opportunity to attack United States military personnel." ...
Suspects in Army Base Terror Plot Are Held Without Bail

The six men charged in connection with a plot to attack the Fort Dix military reservation were ordered held without bail on Friday by a federal magistrate.

The men were arrested on Monday night after the authorities said they tried to buy machine guns from an informer working with the F.B.I. Prosecutors said the informer had infiltrated the group in March 2006 and helped the authorities tape the suspects training with automatic weapons, conducting surveillance of military bases in New Jersey and Delaware and vowing to kill scores of soldiers....
Man accused in Dix plot tried to join police

One of the men accused this month of plotting to attack soldiers on Fort Dix recently applied to be a police officer in two big cities — a move some authorities think may have been an effort to infiltrate law enforcement agencies.

Philadelphia Police Sgt. D.F. Pace said Wednesday that Serdar Tatar applied for a job there last month. “Based on what we know now, I don’t think his intentions were good,” Pace said....
Dix suspects to be arraigned today

Six men accused of plotting to kill soldiers at Fort Dix are scheduled to be arraigned in federal court Thursday.

Mohamad Shnewer, Serdar Tatar and brothers Dritan, Eljvir and Shain Duka are charged with conspiring to kill military personnel. They could be sentenced to life in prison if convicted.

Dritan and Shain Duka also are charged with possession of machine guns. All three Duka brothers are charged with possession of weapons by illegal immigrants....