police records?


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Jun 25, 2008
Does anyone know the deal with police records? I heard that even if your charges were completely expunged and community service was done that it was horrible towards your academy application and extremely detrimental to potential appointment possibilities. Is this somewhat true? Unfortunately I was at the wrong place at the wrong time with the wrong people and definitely hanging out with the wrong crowd and i was swayed to drink one night and we got pulled over.. I was not driving thank God,, But, nonetheless I had been drinking and i was charged with underage drinking but since it was the driver, 18 yrs old, who swayed me and a friend (15 at the time) to drink the charges were dropped and expunged from our records and the older driver person was charged with several other things.. How does this endanger an appointment? ...:confused::eek3:
I believe you fill out that form AFTER you get your appointment. You might search back on older posts on that topic.
well they ask you directly on your application form online to state any problems like this. Have you seen any other threads as this one? because i cant find any :(
In the permit to report package you get AFTER you accept you appointment, there is a form to take to your local police station for them to fill out. That was what I was referring to. You might use the 'search' function with keywords like "police record". Several older threads showed up when I did that.

Since threads sometimes wander off of their original question, you might have to poke through several to find the answer you are looking for.
I can't think that it would help, nor do I think refering to your poor choices as you being "swayed" reflects well either, that is unless you were forced to drink alcohol while not of legal age...
The key is to simply be honest and show that you have learned from the past in your application. Don't lie on the part where they will ask you about prior infractions/tickets/arrests/etc. Although it won't help your application it will not likely be the deciding factor.
Yeah, I have no intention of lying about it, I didn’t last year either I was just wondering about it a lot. And was I “swayed”? Yes I was honestly convinced I needed to do that dishonorable act to fit in with anybody at the time, the prospect of a friend was incredibly enticing to me because I had none .... A "childish" thing teens often feel they need in their life to be happy.... But all this doesn’t mean I don’t own up 150% to what I did in any way, it’s just what really happened, it’s not meant to be an excuse of any sort. Someone doesn’t need to force the alcohol down your throat for you to be pressured into doing something you don’t want to, its hard to say NO at that age sometimes. When your 15 yrs old you're stupid, but I realize how incredibly stupid that was on my part and it was a hard lesson learned but nonetheless good things came from my bad choice.. I became a mentor at my high school a yr later for underclassmen so I could help them make better choices than the ones I chose..
So in reply to lineinthesand, I'm not just referring to my poor choice (which I have no problem admitting) as being swayed by someone else for the sake of sympathy, it tends to happen sometimes when you let others get the best of you ... sadly.. But now I know to say "No" all the time now :D But thanks for the replies and everyone else too!! XD Good luck to all =)