Portal Down Again? 21 March


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Aug 25, 2011
Good Afternoon,
1735 EDT, #3 just said that he got an endless spin and a blank page when he tried to access the USNA portal.
Is he alone in this computer glitch or is it a form of group therapy for the afternoon--for everyone still hanging out confidently but maybe a bit nervously on the CPR?

Anyone? Anyone? Buller? Anyone?
I have no problem accessing my portal, it could be slow internet connection or maybe something is up for him:D
Hello. He did something and it popped back in...still CPR. Just another day.
Is there a way to delete the thread? Seems silly to keep it if the answer is, "No."
Thank you Shipmate. We had a moment of excitement around here. It was rare. We are pretty low key and calm at my house.
I think I agree with @DrMom on most things except when she says "Go Land Service"!
Is @DrMom a USNA grad but cheer for the wrong side? That's weird. Did she hit her head at graduation?
See how much fun we can have with a silly post? :)