Portal says incomplete?


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Jul 5, 2014
I completely finished my application before the deadline. But now, it says "incomplete" and I'm missing a couple of documents. However, those documents were received and can be found on my portal. Anyone else having this technical glitch problem?
That will happen. It just means that admissions haven't reviewed all the information and marked it as complete.
A month later and my status still says INCOMPLETE. I actually emailed my counselor about this and told her that the documents I sent (If I scroll down the page, my documents are shown as received before the Jan. deadline) are still "missing." She told me not to worry, that I'm good to go, but weeks have passed and my portal is still displaying an incomplete status. I'm worried that this might the reason I haven't heard from USAFA yet or they might suddenly close my app :(. I thought it was a technical glitch at first because my app actually said "COMPLETE" after the deadline. When I checked again a few weeks later, it changed to Incomplete.