Portal Security?


Nov 6, 2015
When DS attempts to log into the portal, the URL looks like this:

Screen Shot 2017-01-18 at 12.34.15 PM.png

Is anyone else experiencing this? Just curious. He can proceed with login, which does work, but this https string remains as referenced, which has me wondering if something amiss. Happens on all four browsers we use (Safari, Firefox, Chrome, Windows). Odd.

I just noticed the same thing when I logged in.
I have always gotten a similar cue on the Blue & Gold Officer system --something about unsecure and not to be trusted. etc.
I've seen this a lot of times on military sites including DODMERB, Portal and several other websites I don't remember the names of from my days as a CAP cadet. browsers tend to not like the security certificates provided by many of the military web sites so it spits that or depending on the browser an angry/concerned message telling you not to proceed.
It basically means that the website is HTTP (port 80) and not HTTPS/SSL (port 443). A not secure message will be presented on pages with password and credit card form fields that are not protected with an SSL/TLS certificate or that a certificate is not recognized (translated) by the browser.