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    My son and I were reviewing his portal. At the bottom, where extracurricular activities is located shows what my son has accomplished. What I'm wondering is, if that information shows varsity player, team capt, publication editor---is this information already verified or is this something my son or his teachers put in their letters?

    What I don't see is volunteer work or sls attendance....things that I know count at some stage but unsure if they are considering that information since its not in front of us.

    We have huddle video but that's never been asked for so I don't know how they verify anyway.
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    I believe the initial input is done by the candidate and I believe the verification is done in two parts - honor system and candidate activities record.

    It's important that your DS keep the portal current. If something is missing (i.e. volunteer service) your DS needs to contact the RC to get it updated.

    SLS atteandance might now show on your DS portal, but the admissions that field force members have access to, it shows SLS attendess.

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