Possibility for Readmission to VMI?

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    I am a foreign cadet who matriculated in VMI a few months ago. Unfortunately, several occurrences of panic attacks (due to physical inability to cope with the Hell Week), as well as a lightly injured left ankle compelled me to pack up and head home only a few days into Hell Week. I was, and still am, quite upset and depressed about the situation because VMI was literally the only school I wanted to attend in my higher education career. I am currently pursuing my Foundation studies in another nation.

    According to VMI policy, a former cadet can apply for readmission twice. I applied once last month and was rejected, due to the Institute Physician's concern about my panic attacks and the recurring opinion that VMI may not be the suitable place for me. However, I am absolutely certain that my panic attacks were caused by my physical weakness and lack of stamina to cope with the highly demanding Hell Week program. I intend to train much harder and prepare myself more adequately if I am given a second shot for VMI, which I really hope for.

    Is there anyone on this forum who had a similar experience or who is familiar with the procedures involved? Is an appeal process possible or should I just wait till fall 2013 and apply for the fall 2014 readmission? I really hope I can get a second opportunity; VMI is my dream school.


    Edit Note: I am not on any form of scholarships. I am a self-funded ex-cadet. I was part of the Class of 2016.
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    DS- Sometimes other people have a different picture of things than you do because they have more experience than you do. I think that the Post Surgeon has the big picture here. If you left after a couple of days because of frequent panic attacks, then like the Doctor I suspect that you probably really are not suited for VMI and I am pretty confident that the Admissions folks are going to see it the same way as the surgeon.
    While you may be intensely disappointed with yourself, it's not the end of the world- just the end of the first path that you chose. VMI may be your dream, but if you take a longer view, it is really only a 4 year stop on the way to something bigger. You will find someplace that does fit you and provides you the background to achieve your ultimate goals. At 18 years old there are a lot of them open to you though my guess is - not this one. So- my suggestion to you is to learn from this and move on.

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