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Discussion in 'DoDMERB' started by Ingrid, Jul 28, 2010.

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    My daughter, a high school senior, has applied for several military academies and has received a Presidential nomination based on her father's service record. We recently received a request for more info after she took her physical; she is classified as remedial until we give more info on her dyslexia. She was diagnosed in grade school, was dismissed from the program in intermediate when we homeschooled her. When she returned public school she was 504'd, but the only accomodation she has received is for spelling. Her grades have been excellent; she has all A's and is 10th in her high school class of about 480, received high SAT and ACT scores, etc. We are assembling the info requested on her dyslexia, but I want to know what her chances are of being disqualified.
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    The reason the information was requested, was so the information to be evaluated. Until that evalutaion occurs, "chances" is an inappropriate term. The sooner she submits, the sooner we can make a determination. As it is all over this forums, you may cut and paste your posting; provide full name and last 4 SSN of your daughter...or she can do this...and send me an email at the email address in my signature block:thumb:

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