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    Hey guys, I have a totally hypothetical scenario that I would like clarified to evaluate possible options should this become a reality:

    X dated his girlfriend, Y, all throughout highschool before he entered the academy. To help pay for schooling and such, Y decides to enlist in the Air Force while he is in Plebe Summer. Now MIDN X tells his classmates that his girlfriend is about to join the Air Force in order to make sure there is no problem with fraternization. MIDN X is assured by his classmates that, because it is a prior-existing relationship, it isn't considered fraternization due to the relationship's dual nature of history before the military and cross-service distancing. So MIDN X tells Y that it is OK to join, and she does. Y asks her recruiters who tell her the same thing, and even when she is in boot camp, everyone tells now-A1C Y that she is OK because of the reasons previously mentioned. MIDN X doesn't hide anything whenever someone asks about his girlfriend, and neither does she about him.

    Fast forward to the end of second semester. MIDN X hears about a recent case where a prior-enlisted who got engaged to a Marine before she got selected to go to USNA is getting kicked out due to frat. MIDN X freaks out, looks up MIDREGs, and, sure enough, finds this: "3. Midshipmen shall not date, have sexual relations, or otherwise fraternize with enlisted personnel. 4. There is no exception to this regulation in the case of pre-existing relationships prior to entry to the Naval Academy". Looking at UCMJ rules, he is confused as to what official rules will be when he leaves.

    So, in short, what the heck should he do?
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    I have seen several cases of this, where the Ask-A-Mid wiki approach only gets a partial answer, and misconduct issues ensue due to poor fact-finding. MidRegs has always been clear about this issue, and should be the first resource checked. The "pre-existing" applies to mids of different classes who have a relationship, one graduates first and becomes an officer, and it is now an official officer-mid situation. If an officer, new or otherwise, starts a new relationship with a mid, bad juju.

    There is a JAG officer on USNA staff whom mids can consult in "defense" mode. That would be a good place to get clarity on how regs apply, both at USNA and in the Fleet, to situations like this.
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    Capt MJ is spot on. Never trust a sea lawyer for something this important. Always consult a JAG. In my experience the USN and USMC tend to be more strict about enlisted relationships than the Air Force. I saw plenty of officer/enlisted relationships that appeared very open. So while the Airman might have been said its ok, it doesn't mean it is on the other side.

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