Post 9/11 GI Bill and AROTC

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    My DS is a jr in HS and we are getting ready to start his AROTC application in a few months. He is eligible for the transfer of educational benefits of the Post 9/11 GI Bill based on his father's military service but that is something we want to use as a last resort. He really wants to be any Army officer like his Dad and older brother and he would like to do it on his own. He is working hard in hs and I think he will be a fairly competative appicant but I'm working on a B plan. Does anyone know if he received an ROTC scholarship to a school that participates in the Yellow Ribbon Program can he use that program to pay for tuition and then assign the scholarship to pay for room and board? Would he be able to receive the GI bill monthly stipend and book allowance, and the ROTC stipend and book allowance? It seems like double dipping and we certaintly wouldn't be comfortable sending a teenager off to college with $1800 a month in discretionary income at taxpayers expense. I just was wondering if it is possible to use a combintion of the two programs in a reasonable mannner.

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