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    if i decide to go to get my masters degree after WP and the army foots the bill, will i have to pay back the army in time for the money they spent on my schooling? for example: the schooling will take 2 years, will i have extend another 2 years on my commitment?
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    Basically - yes. You give, you get.

    There are several ways to get to grad school from West Point -

    1. Earn an academic scholarship. Many bright cadets compete for and earn prestigious scholarships. Here is a link describing scholarships awarded to cadets and their profiles:
    Those with a scholarship go to grad school the fall after graduation and their commitment begins after they get their grad degree.

    2. ADSO is a program to encourage young officers to commit to more than 5 years active duty. Basically if you commit to 8 years (which many are forced to do anyway) then you can get grad school courtesy of the US Army.

    3. New GI Bill - this can be used for grad school and academy grads are eligible. In a nut shell, to get 100% of tuition books and a salary you need to serve 3 years above and beyond your SA commitment. Serve 8 years AD and get free grad school if you choose to resign your commission.

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