Post Selection Implications

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    Now that cadets have selected their initial posts, I'm curious how much within branch variation is influenced by post selections (aside from, obviously, geography). For example, can those who branched Engineer try to influence what type of engineer platoon they might lead by virtue of the post they select? Do certain engineer platoons at some posts just do vertical work, where other platoons at other posts do horizontal or route clearance work? Or do engineer officers end up doing a mix of things.
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    Post selection is a bit of a misnomer. You are actually selecting a unit and will know what type of unit that is when you select it. The post just happens to be the home location of the unit.

    When I selected my Engineer branch unit (before the days of vertical and horizontal) most unit selections were by engineer battalion - either combat or combat heavy (construction). The battalion would then make the platoon assignments.

    One difference today is that there are more new Lieutenants than there are platoons. Today, it is not unusual for a new LT to get assigned to a staff job until a platoon becomes available. When I was an LT it was the other way around. My platoon had been without an officer as platoon leader for almost a year when I arrived.