Potential appointment question


Nov 8, 2017
My DS is waiting to hear if USMA will request a medical waiver or not. I know some are receiving appointment notices etc and it’s that time of year ... my question is, will USMA request a waiver and if a waiver is granted offer the appointment at that time (that is assuming he receives an appointment) or will they offer the appointment contingent on him receiving a waiver (again assuming an appointment is given at all)? Thanks!

Goat 965

5-Year Member
Sep 12, 2017
If the applicant is considered very admittable, then the RC may start the waiver process. If the applicant, for example, has an LOA, then I believe that the waiver process is automatically started. However, to be offered an appointment, the applicant has to be 3Q with a nom, and he cannot be 3Qed without medical clearance, so he will definitely not receive an official offer until he is 3Qed. An LOA is pretty much a certainty that an applicant will receive an offer, provided that a person is 3 Qed (academic, medical, and CFA)