Potential Citadel CO 2021 Questions

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    I was accepted to the Citadel and am very interested. I was curious if anyone could comment on the lifestyle of knob year and how to physically prepare for the school itself.

    Sidenote: I am very aware of the strict and tough atmosphere at the Citadel, I can handle being yelled at and the restrictions. I know what I'd be getting myself into, I was just curious if anyone had some insight.
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    Dear DST. Congrats on being accepted - you have a lot to think about as you decide on a college. As an accepted HS student, you are eligible to spend a weekend at the college with a 4th Class cadet to see and experience what it is like to be a Knob. You will also have the opportunity to talk to faculty and ROTC staff. If you have not done this - please try to get scheduled. If you cannot do this, call the Admissions Office and see if they can connect you to a current cadet to get his/her first hand experience and answers to your questions. A lot of information on The Citadel Knob year and particularly the academic Ethics & Moral academic classes, physical fitness requirements Leadership Development Model applicable to 4th Class members of the Corps of Cadets can be found on the college web site. As to the 4th Class System see:
    Understand that committing to The Citadel is not just about the first year. Becoming a member of the 174 year old South Carolina Corps of Cadets is a 4 year experience in both learning traditions and meeting challenges. This is in addition to your academic major, ROTC training obligations, and physical fitness requirements. This is explained at:
    And a good discussion of the physical fitness requirements for all four classes is provided at:
    Best of luck to you.
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    I was accepted back in September (actually, the day before my pre-knob overnight visit) and I will be attending. I highly recommend you go for a pre-knob overnight visit, it is a great experience and will either make you go "Ohhh yes, I want to come here" or "Ohhh no, this doesn't seem like a good fit for me". For me, it made my motivation to attend even stronger. Best of luck to you, and perhaps I'll see you in August :)
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    said by every SMC recruit ever, including those that drop out

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