PPW Recap


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Jun 9, 2006
Here's my recap...
We arrived in Newark early Thursday morning, drove to the rental house in Fishkill and took a nap. That evening our son asked if he could bring a friend along for dinner, he wanted to invite his buddy who is from Kenya. We went and picked them up and thoroughly enjoyed meeting his friend. We learned a lot about Kenya and heard some great stories from the summer - they were in the same company during Beast. The Kenyan cadet said our son was one of the first to befriend him and make him feel welcome in America. We invited him to come to our home for Christmas but we have to get in line because he already has several invitations for Christmas break.

Friday was packed full with the Commandant's briefing, academic open house, open house in the gym, and much more. We only had time to meet two professor's but that was a highlight of the day. It is so nice that they can speak to you about your cadet as an individual because they actually know them, instead of just being a face in the crowd. Before we left post we stopped at the Cadet Chapel and went inside. It is such a beautiful church. Our son enjoys Sunday services there. Before heading to dinner we picked up the girlfriend at the train station.

Saturday before the Plebe Review the rifle drill team class of 2011 members performed for us. They did really well. The plebes did an excellent job in the parade. My son stayed in his parade uniform so we could take many pictures of him. I think seeing him up close in that uniform was one of the high points for my mother. She had been waiting to see him in the parade uniform since he was accepted. After that we enjoyed lunch in Washington Hall and then on to the tour of the barracks. While there we met his roommate and his family. I loved seeing his room and how everything was put away neatly. We also met his TAC and the TAC's wife. After an hour we went over to Bartlett Hall for the TAC briefing. His TAC was informative and entertaining. The only thing missing was the uniform fashion show. Later we braved the locker rooms in Arvin Gym to change into our formal wear. It was crowded but the worst part was the stifling heat. By the time I was dressed I thought I was going to pass out! The banquet was excellent...good food, great company, and a beautiful setting. We ran long at the banquet so we didn't get over to the receiving line until about 9:30. Fortunately the line went quickly. My son's girlfriend had on high heels and her feet were killing her so they only danced a couple of dances. My husband and I were too tired to dance we just enjoyed people watching. We were in bed about midnight.

Sunday was nice because we could relax and there was nothing scheduled. We picked up our son and brought him back to the house. My husband cooked breakfast and we just spent time relaxing and visiting. We had a dinner of barbequed chicken and corn on the cob (our son's request). On our way back to West Point we dropped off his girlfriend at the train station so she could return to her college on Long Island. We arrived back on post early so we visited for awhile longer before our son returned to his barracks. He loves West Point but was also reluctant to return to his hours of homework and duties.

Overall we had a great time. The only thing I that would have made it better would have been one more day of unscheduled time with our son and more hours of sleep!

I also ran into my friend, and fellow plebe mother, "Antoinette" on Saturday outside Washington Hall. I am looking forward to hearing about her weekend too.

Antoinette - have you recovered yet? :wink:
Yes, I have recovered! I am still processing all the wonderful memories of Plebe Parent Weekend. I think the only thing I would do differently is to arrive one full day before the first day of PPW and leave a little earlier on the last day. Our cadet was ready to hit the books on Sunday and was glad to see us go at 2 pm! I enjoyed the Commandant's briefing, the Academic Open House, the TAC briefing (and fashion show!) but my favorite event was meeting our son's sponsor family. They had an open house on Friday for all of "their" cadets and parents. Cadets tell stories when they get together - it was fun to listen in. Plus it was nice to relax in soft chairs! PPW was a whirlwind - we could not go to every event but we had a great time being with our cadet. He was a good host and everyone at West Point really made us feel welcomed.