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    No doubt all ya’ll parents of Plebes are ready to go to West Point for Plebe-Parent Weekend. As a Class of 2015 dad thought I’d mention a few things we learned last year and give you some idea of what to expect. So here goes:
    1. It’s West Point, there will be lot’s of walking. More walking than you are prepared for, really. You will be walking to the parade, Cadet Store, Cadet room, Grant Hall, Cadet Bookstore, Lunch, Classrooms, Parka sale and more. Plan to be on your feet all day and night.
    2. Dress in layers, wear long under wear, even the buildings are cold and you’ll be outside as much as you are inside.
    3. Women, bring a big bag to the formal dinner and dance for your heels and walking flats. You’ll also need the bag to carry home your wine glasses with the Class Crest, bubble wrap is a good thing to have with you too.
    4. You get a chance to go to the cadet store and they’ll have lots of Class of 2016 stuff. Be prepared to buy.
    5. Busses may not be available, we missed the WPAG breakfast waiting for a bus to come by that had room.
    6. Don’t miss the parka sale, it’ll probably be in Eisenhower Hall. Don’t worry about knowing your size, a very nice lady who dressed your cadet will meet you at the door and with one look tell you exactly what size you need. Then walk over to the table that has that size and try it on. Yes it will fit like a glove. You can buy the USMA 2016 patch and either wait in line to have it sewn on or just drop it off and pick it up later.
    7. An umbrella is nice to have and not need. We chose the route of not having and wishing we had, bad call.
    8. Get to the Cadet bookstore to get your Class of 2016 bag before they sell out.
    9. This will be your only chance to see the Beat Air Force tunnel and your Cadet’s room, don’t miss the opportunity.
    10. More walking, you’ll want to see the boxing , obstacle course and other demonstrations.
    11. Enjoy yourself! The Upperclassmen will be gone and your Plebe will be enjoying the chance to actually de-pressurize.
    12. Men, I wore my tuxedo and was glad I did. If you don’t own one I wouldn’t suggest renting one unless you just want to. A nice suit will be fine.

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