Pre-Plebe Summer Injury


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Oct 16, 2007
How do the academies handle future plebes who are injured after accepting their appointments? Are they kicked out of the system immediately or are they accepted in if they are 100% by I-Day? If not accepted are they put on a list for next year's class?

I recently sustained another occurence of the injury I received a waiver for. Will that reoccurence, again, affect the perception on the situation? The injury is orthopedic and easily treated by physical therapy and a simple neoprene brace.
Hi! You are required to notify DoDMERB of the injury, hospitalization/treatment, and overall description of the status of your injury. All of these issues are reviewed on a case by case basis. DoDMERB and the waiver authority will determine the severity and impact on fucntioning for the applicant; this is not left up to the applicant. Regarding those that can't enter this class, again, on a case by case basis, the Admissions office, in conjunction with DoDMERB and/or the waiver authority will, render a determination about the next class.

The purpose of this applicant notification/update to DoDMERB is for DoDMERB and the waiver authority to determine your ability to enter the class and be successful. (Clearly a broken leg, for example, that occurs today, will prohibit anyone from entering a Service Academy in July 08). DoDMERB and the waiver authority will assess the information; possibly request additional test(s), evaluation(s), and /or information; and then render a decision.

The best outcomes in these cases are, DoDMERB and/or the waiver authority allows the applicant to enter the class; the midpoint decisions are, the waiver authority allows a check-on-entry type decision that they defer until R or I Day or not to allow entry; the worst case basis is, to not go through this notificatin process---go to the Academy---and then be turned back and not allowed entry.

Therefore, it is in your best interest at this juncture to notify me via email ( of your personal situation.
Second reply - "He/she may be turned back on R-day if it is felt that they can not participate fully in CBT, or that this injury will be repetitive throughout cadet years." This is a quote from the USMA Command Surgeon. Therefore, I recommend strongly that you email me the specifics so we can give you a better read on your Admissions status.
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My only objection to the notification system is that I am fairly certain this injury will not affect my abilities over the summer. Also, I have not received an official diagnosis for what happened and won't until this coming week. I will begin the notification process when I am clear on the extent of the injury and the amount of recovery time it will take.

I had a lot of trouble getting through the waiver process because of mixed up paper work. Before I begin this additional process, I want to have all of my paperwork in one package.
CC - Candidate = Understand fully. The exact issue and instructions are contained on pages 6 & 7 and Appendix B of the USMA catalog. A part of that extract is "Any change in your medical status after 1 Jun must be reported to DoDMERB and the Admissions Office."