Preliminary CFA


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Jul 15, 2008
ok. i just did a dry run for my cfa.

basketball throw: 47"2'
Flexed Arm Hang: 24.68 sec
Shuttle Run: 9.6 sec
Sit-ups: 76
Pushups: 33
Mile Run: 8:14

Im a female by the way. i know the mile run was horrific. anyone have any input?
To improve your scores...practice, practice, practice. :wink:
Your shuttle run and mile run are slow - the rest look good. I see you have an LOA. You should contact your Regional admissions officers - run the scores by him and see if they are good enough.

You should also seriously consider joining a gym and maybe getting a personal trainer or a training program from your gym teacher. Being in excellent physical condition greatly increases your chance of finishing Cadet Basic Training.
You can get stronger and you can train to increase speed.
I'll definitely run these scores by my admissions officer :) Appreciate your input!
took the official one today. just FYI

BB Throw: 48' 1"
Flex'd Arm Hang: 24.68 sec
Shuttle Run: 10.04 sec
Sit ups: 80
Pushups: 40
Mile Run: 7:51

happy to have that off my back