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    I need opinions on what you think I should do. Although this is hypothetical, I want to have my backup plans in check. Currently, I have yet to receive a TWE, and I am acting as if I will get a falcon foundation scholarship. I do have an AFROTC scholarship to use at the University of Illinois for Aerospace Engineering for the class of 2020. However, if I get a FF scholarship, should I reject U of I and go to NWP? I want some insight to make sure I make the right decisions. I want to go to USAFA, but if the prep isn't a for sure shot, I don't want to be lost next year on where to go to school.
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    This is completely dependent on what you're hoping to accomplish. I think the main considerations with the FF Scholarship is that you will be on the "five year plan" and you will likely have debt, as the scholarship does not cover all of the costs. At Illinois, you will likely graduate in four years, but I'm not sure of costs with an AFROTC scholarship (not my specialty). If USAFA is your dream, than absolutely accept a Falcon Foundation Scholarship if offered one. If you keep your nose clean and your grades up, you are virtually guaranteed an appointment as a Falcon. You will be allotted $5,000 to attend one of the prep schools approved by the foundation. Some of the price is out of pocket, but again, if USAFA is your dream, take the scholarship!
    Also, if you DO end up getting the scholarship, you should go to MMI because it's the greatest prep option ever (okay.... that might be a biased opinion. ha!). But honestly, make sure you are looking at all of your options and picking the best school for you. Good luck in limbo. :)

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