Prep School CCBT


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May 2, 2007
hey, a lot of focus has been put on beast, but can some one talk about CCBT? do we ruck as far/often as they do? i heard it is a little more intense than cbt, is there any merit in that statement? can someone share any personal accounts or second hand accounts about there experience during CCBT? thanks
CCBT is shorter than CBT. There are no long ruck marches because the field training is conducted at Fort Dix. Likewise, no sleeping out on the ground since there are barracks at Dix.

As far as physical demands go, CCBT features no limit on the number of push ups the cadre is permitted to demand so there are opportunities for CC's to get 'smoked' and they do.

One of the cool things that happens during CCBT is prior service CC's, particularly those who have Iraq/Afghanistan combat experience, will be called upon to share and instruct about such topics as IEDs.

Be prepared for 'forced hydration' which means you will be required to drink a quart of water right before lights out. Sleep will be interrupted! :wink: