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Is a normal day at the prep school just like a normal 4th class day in the academy? Are they given more freedom?


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I can only speak to DS experience at MMI. It was similar, but not the same. Classes mimic 4/C year. However, they don't brace or square meals, they don't brace in the halls, they don't bus to classes. I am not sure if the daily schedule is similar in that each day from 4-6 is athletic time. I have no idea what GMC's schedule was like. I suspect, but don't know, that NAPS is based on USNA schedule (because that just makes sense).

Does that help?


GMC is similar to what AuxNoob described.
-trimesters system at GMC
-0530 to 0900 PT breakfast Etc
-0900- 1500 classes
-1600 athletics?
-mandatory study time after dinner
- they have room inspections
-they have upperclassman who are not Coast Guard in charge of platoons.

Yes they will get free time and a taste of college life as long as they earn and don't lose privileges.

There is a cadet handbook online for GMC you can take a look at for further clarification on things. Explains about privledges and such. If you know where you are going make the time to visit your potential CGAS school. They(GMC) are not on the same spring break as most schools so if you head out there for spring break you might be able to talk to the cadets who are already there.
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