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    I have been told before that you cannot apply to the Prep School, that it is only an option after applying to the academy. Recently I have been told that I can apply to the Prep School. Which is true? thanks!
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    I am a FFR.

    As far as I know there is no direct application to the offiical prep school (i.e one at West Point). Supposedly only academically unqualified applicants are considered for the prep school.

    The prep school you do have to apply separately are civilian prep schools.

    During candidate interview, there is a question that the interviewer has to ask, something along the line of are you interested in the prep school.
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    Prep Schools

    MemberLG is spot on and a great source of info on SAF. His is correct, your RC must recommend you for USMAPS prep and it is usually reserved for those who need to brought up to speed academically.
    There are about 10 very good civilian prep schools that are available for you to choose from. You can be a “free agent”, one who pays the tuition to attend and a “sponsored” student who has received a scholarship to attend from AOG. Although there are no guarantees to receive an appointment it is recognized by WP you may have the “right stuff” to be successful. The SA are colleges on steroids. Very fast passed and you must consistently prove you can meet the demands.
    You can do some research on private prep school and find one that matches you needs. There are scholarships available to help off set the costs. Understand, most credits do not carry over to a State U or community college. Enrollment season is going on now.

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