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I knew when I read your post that that sounded familiar Luigi...I remember having to memorize the Chain of Command at AIM...


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I am really late to add my comments to this post, but since my daughter was at CGAS this year & is currently at MMI (just came back from Parent's Weekend), I thought maybe I could weigh in on the male vs female ratio. I believe there were around 60 CGAS kids this year, but in my picture of the group swearing in, it looks like about 14 females to 54 total ( hard to tell with some as the ladies have their hair cut short or pulled back & the picture is from a distance to get the whole group in it). I know some of the kids didn't make it to the ceremony due to missing flights because of weather, etc.

My D applied to CGA (she did have her completed application in by the early admission deadline) and was offered CGAS in March. I'm not sure why she was offered this opportunity - she is not a minority, other than female, but we also are not complaining. It is a wonderful opportunity to assure success in next year's incoming class. One thing they continually reiterate at MMI is that with the CGA, the place in the class of 2013 is theirs to lose. They do not have to reapply and as long as they don't mess up (academically or otherwise), they are "in" next year. This is, I believe, a bit different from the other academies, where the candidate has to reapply/get nominations, etc.(I think)

There are approximately 10 CGAS students at MMI and the other 50 are at NMMI. I'm not sure why they have this split. My D did not have a choice of where she was sent. They said the selection was made based on the strengths of each school's programs and the needs of the cadet (not sure what that meant as I haven't yet figured out the individual strengths of each school). I think athletics may have also played a part in the decision of where to send the cadet, but as my D was not recruited for athletics, I don't know too much about that.