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    Alright, well i was talking to the admissions office and they said without a sport i was in a bad way (which i already knew). However, they brought up the falcon foundation, and asked me if i was interested. I, of course, am very interested but i am wondering about cost? i know it is a partial scholarship, and my parents will not be able to provide any assistance, at all. Is there any type of financial aid or anything available? will i be able to work a job or will i have no time?
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    If you choose a Falcon Foundation scholarship and use it at Marion Military you will find the cost quite low -

    As you can see from the above link your cost would be under $4000 for the entire year. If you have an AF ROTC scholarship you can apply it there.

    Quite a few AF Falcon scholars go there - they have AF ROTC and go a great job of preparing for the AFA.

    Since it is an accredited Junior college, you may apply for and use Federal financial aid.
    Good Luck!

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