Prep Schools VS. AFROTC for USAFA Reapplicant

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    Hello, I did not receive an appointment to the AFA or Prep school this year (Portal Update April 10 NO TWE yet). I truly do hope and aspire to attend the AFA, but regardless of appointment I intend to pursue becoming an Air Force Officer through whatever means. I'm still dedicated to getting into the AFA, so I'm trying to determine the "best" or most ideal path to prepare for next year's admission cycle. Currently I have an AFROTC scholarship. I believe my ACT scores are truly my weak area, otherwise I think I'm a fairly competitive candidate (28 Composite, 30 English/Reading, 27 Math, 25 Science). It's been hard to decide what path to take, and I really appreciate any help. I need advice in the following aspects:
    1. I'm torn between doing AFROTC this coming year and reapplying, or trying to attend a military prep school as a "self-prep" student if I don't receive the Falcon Foundation Scholarship. Could anyone possibly link me to some statistics of "self-prep" students/AFROTC students getting an appointment?
    2. The prep schools I've been looking at are Marion Military Institute, Greystone, and Northwestern Prep. Given that I have an AFROTC Scholarship, do one of these schools stand out based on costs and appointment success rate? Disregarding cost, which of the military prep schools (that I suggested or any others) has the greatest statistical appointment rate for Falcon Foundation Scholars? And for "self-prep"? In general, what school(s) do you recommend for "self-preppers"?
    3. Do "self-prep" (at military prep schools) students compete for nominations/slots just like anyone else from AFROTC or other civilian schools?
    4. I would really like to know if you attend a military prep school as a "self-prep", do you compete for a nomination/slot in the area of which you are attending, or can you get a nomination from your residential home area? Similarly, what if I do AFROTC out of my residential area, do I compete for a nomination/slot in the school's area or at my home area?
    5. Could I finish my 2020 USAFA application before I even go to school (August)? Could I get a nomination before leaving home for school, and would it transfer? Should I go ahead and get recommendation letters sent again (same as last year's essentially)? I would just like to get ahead of the game, especially if I will have to compete in a different area for a nomination/slot.
    Sorry if this is slightly off-topic to this thread. I have had several concerns and I do apologize if I've posted this in the wrong area (First post. I have been lurking for a year or so).
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    I'm a junior in hs and I'm already looking at schools like MMI and Hargrave military academy. I know that MMI well known and has had a large number of service academy candidates receive apps. Schools like these are partnered with the SAs , they explain this more on their websites and I encourage you to look it up. I know that when you go to a postgraduate program at these schools you compete with regular hs students at the high school and I believe it's the same process. One thing I don't know is if the PG students are enrolled in ROTC while at a prep school, this would give you the opportunity to apply for a service connected nom.You would compete for a nomination at your home area because you are not a resident of that state or district like other hs students. If you enrolled in AFROTC at a college out of your district then your commander at the university will be in charge of the nominations and you will compete with other AFROTC college students.

    I highly doubt the credits would transfer because if you want them to transfer you have to take an exam on every course and if your scores aren't high enough then you retake the course at AFA.

    Another way to get a service connected opp is to join the AF reserves out of high school , go to boot camp over the summer and enroll at a university and take AFROTC too. Reserves only do things a week end a month. This way you could also apply for an enlisted soldier nom too.
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    I can't address all your questions, but there are a few things I can point out about MMI.

    1) AFROTC is an option at MMI. You would be a member of the corps of cadets at MMI, but instead of taking military science at MMI you'd be a member of the AFROTC unit at the University of Alabama. Should you not get your appointment to AFA, you would still make progress toward your commission through ROTC.

    2) Self-prep students do have to reapply for nominations and appointments. You can apply to your home state senators and congressional district, so if you have a nomination already you might be likely to get a nomination again. If you complete your nomination process early, great!

    3) If you are attending a prep school, do not apply for Early Action. You'll want to have that fall transcript sent to the academy to complete your packet. Also keep in mind that MMI is an accredited junior college, and Greystone has a concurrent enrollment agreement with a local college. Therefore, courses taken at those schools earn college credit which can be transferred to four year universities (useful if commissioning through ROTC). NWP is an excellent academic prep school, but I'm unaware if you can get college credit directly from the school or from a concurrent enrollment.

    Contact each school for more information. Greystone and NWP admissions can give you information from their programs. For MMI, contact the director of the service academy prep program, LTC Gerry Lewis.

    Best of luck wherever you end up!
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    I didn't get into USAFA's class of 2018 (last year) and was torn between Northwestern Prep and going to a university and doing ROTC. I wasn't a scholarship cadet so I could've gone either way. I ended up going to a university and doing ROTC. I REALLY enjoyed ROTC, it was an amazing experience. I met some people I will never forget but more importantly I learned so much. I was able to take leadership positions and get involved in the detachment. I also decided to apply to USAFA again. I improved in my CFA, took the ACT again, and joined a few groups but I think doing AFROTC really helped my application, especially since I did my best to be involved. I was accepted to the prep school this year. I went the ROTC route because if things hadn't worked out, I could've just continued on my way pursing my degree and still working toward my commission. I also enjoyed this year at college because I was able to experience everything that is typical of a college freshman year. I learned a lot about myself and feel ready to go to the prep school and learn more! Message me if you have any questions about reapplying or the AFROTC program, best of luck to you!

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