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    does anyone know how many people get into the CGA from NMMI of MMI that are not part of CGA scholars? Just curious. Thank you.
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    Currently there are somewhere between 50 and 55 (sorry for not being exact) at CGAS that are slated for the Class of 2014.

    As far as numbers being set for each class being offered CGAS I'm sure Objee can help up with that! :thumb:
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    Are you asking about last year? The last 10 years? Total in history? A percentage of every entering class since ...? :confused:

    Your question is valid, but too broad.

    Suffice to say that every year there are candidates who "self-prep" and get appointments without being CGA Scholars.

    Not all of them go to NMMI or MMI, most go to a junior college or local university and take "swab-level" courses and EXCEL at them, which certainly helps their application.

    NMMI and/or MMI can give you their stats that show how many of their students get appointments to various academies without being sponsored by a specific academy scholarship (i.e. CGAS, AOG, Falcon Foundation, etc).

    For example, the "self-prep" program at NMMI states the following:

    Historically, approximately 52% of self-preps receive appointments from his/her academies. This number is predicated upon the cadet being a qualified candidate for an academy.

    So while it's not specific to the USCGA, they state that a little over half of them get SA appointments to their choice academy.

    Good Luck!

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